Non-invasive, Pain-free Glucose Monitoring

Our technology replaces the need for finger-prick blood glucose testing

The Saliva Glucose Biosensor is the first non-invasive, saliva-based glucose test for diabetes management that measures glucose in saliva, not blood. Our innovative technology will free people living with diabetes from having to use painful and invasive blood monitoring devices to manage their condition, giving them a better quality of life.

Through the regulatory process we intend to demonstrate that the Saliva Glucose Biosensor can be used as a point of care self-test, indicated for the management of diabetes, non-adjunctive to blood glucose testing for diabetes treatment decisions.

Place the Saliva Glucose Biosensor in contact with saliva.
With biosensor nearby, the digital app displays the glucose measurement, flagging any that need attention.
The app provides real-time comparisons with historical data, and sends data to an electronic medical record or caregiver.

For illustrative purposes only and has yet to receive regulatory approval in any jurisdiction.

AI Predictive Analytics

The Saliva Glucose Biosensor System will allow the patient to achieve better glucose control through a practical understanding of lifestyle factors that affect glucose levels, thereby helping prevent or delay diabetes complications and ultimately personalizing diabetes management.

At the patient’s or authorized carer’s requirement, the patient data can be disseminated to a remote caregiver, a service for consultation or to any other individual with whom the patient chooses to share their glucose level measurements.

Historic glucose level comparison
data flow
Improved glucose management
Better health outcomes

The Saliva Glucose Biosensor will make finger pricking obsolete

World-first Biosensor Platform

A precise, accurate solution for measuring glucose in saliva

The Saliva Glucose Biosensor is being developed from the Biosensor Platform; a small, printable organic strip designed to put the power of accurate, timely diagnosis in the hands of patients and their primary health practitioners.

Because glucose concentrations are considerably lower in saliva compared to capillary blood glucose, detection sensitivity is of critical importance.

The underlying Biosensor technology of the Saliva Glucose Biosensor has been shown to exhibit a linear glucose response at concentrations 100 times more sensitive than commercial blood glucose sensors.

Improving the Patient Journey


• Pain-free, non-invasive and easy-to-use
• Receive alerts and reminders
• Discrete and affordable


• Remote monitoring of patients and management of diabetes
• Providing patient care beyond the clinic in real-time


• Reduces the cost of managing diabetes as it reduces hospitalization from comorbidities
• Greater collection of patient data opens significant opportunities to improve disease management


• Get updates in real-time, offering peace of mind
• Parallel monitoring

Diabetes – A Global Epidemic

700 million people with diabetes worldwide by 2045
1 in 10 adults will have diabetes in 2045
Asia Pacific has more than one third of the world’s diabetes population

IDF Diabetes Atlas 2019

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